Sub 7 IRC was founded in 2004 by Ant Grinyer and Gareth 'Garf' Roberts as a supportive community in which to promote and encourage achievement in the sport at all levels. The name was chosen, NOT as a requirement of membership, but as an aspiration, a goal worth striving for.

Although the club has evolved over the years we still abide by those original ideals and now encompass the whole spectrum of rowers, young and old, men and women and from the super fast.. to those of us who're happy just to survive to the finish!

Our members have a variety of goals. Some use the Concept2 erg to help them with their "on the Water" rowing. Some use it just to stay fit, fight aging or to keep the weight off. Others love competing at various contests across the country. Whatever the reasons, the club offers an umbrella under which we aim to help each other to our respective goals.

Although we have no qualifying times for joining we do keep a tight reign on our membership. Because of this we look for all members to be active and support the club and their colleagues in various ways. These involve logging metres for the club on the C2 web site, taking part in the CTC challenges and Sub 7 Leagues, saying "Hi!" on the C2 Forums or, maybe if you're feeling adventurous, taking part in a race.. or two. The one thing you can count on with Sub 7 is that you won't be alone.